Go Head to Head and Tail to Tail!

When it comes to the most exciting array of grooming competitions in North America, Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference takes first place! Offering more than $20,000 in cash and prizes in dozens of popular contests, this is the premier venue for grooming’s top talent. Shoot for the stars and walk away with the jackpot—and priceless bragging rights—when you beat out the best in the business!

Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference adheres to the new GroomTeam rules and regulations. Get up to speed below:

GroomTeam Rules and Breeds
Judges Assignments
Kenchii Kup Contest Rules
Holding Room and Spa Info
WPA General Rules
Special Classes Rules 
Rules Intermediate and Entry Level
GroomTeam Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Grievance Form
Code of Conduct
Conflict of Interest